JSC Kaisiadoriu Paukstynas is a poultry farming and chicken processing company established 1972 in, with a mature experience, extensive know-how, and cherishing the Lithuanian tradition. Due to high labour organization and management standards as well as the modern production technologies implemented and the company, it develops innovative and flexible manufacture of products.

Every day, the company produces over 90 tonnes of chicken products, and the assortment includes more than 200 chicken products. It includes fresh and frozen chicken, cooked and hot-smoked chicken products, sausages, frankfurters, rolls, marinated chicken semi-products and crisps.

The company's products are marketed in major supermarkets in Lithuania, company retail stores of JSC Kaisiadoriu Paukstynas, other outlets, as well as in the networks of the catering business.

About 25-30 percent of JSC Kaisiadoriu Paukstynas production in exported to Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Germany, England, France, Austria, Latvia and Estonia.

JSC Kaisiadoriu Paukstynas aims to provide consumers with safe and high quality chicken products. The company has established and maintains the international food safety management standards ISO 22000:2005 and Global Standard for Food Safety, Issue 5 of the British Retail Consortium, which are the basis for quality and food safety control in all production stages from the breeding flock, hatched and reared broilers to the production of chicken meat products and its delivery to the trade areas.

Today, JSC Kauno Grudai, together with JSC Vilniaus Paukstynas and JSC Kaisiadoriu Paukstynas forms one of the most modern and economically strongest associations in the country – the Kauno Grudai group of companies.